We offer and supply titanium fasteners which contain screw, bolt, stud, threaded rod, nut, washer and custom made special form according to DIN, ISO, ASME, JIS and other international specifications.

Compare to other metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and copper, titanium has a higher value and price. Moreover, because of its excellent anti-corrosion performance, high tensile, light weight, superiorbiocompatibility, titanium fasteners mainly are applied to high-tech areas, such as airplane, racing car, automobile, high-end bicycle, chemical & petrochemical, human implants, and so on.

To achieve the high precision requires, our titanium bolt/screw, nut and washer are produced by the following manufacturing techniques:

Lathing and CNC lathing - for surface and threads

Milling and CNC milling - for screw’s head

Drilling and punching - for washers

Threads rolling - for threads

Finished titanium fasteners will be appropriately heat treated to relief residual stress and inspected by Go/no go gauge for every piece.

Common types

▲ Heads of bolt and screw - hexagon, hex flange, spherical, cap, square, pan, (raised) countersunk, tapered, button

▲Threads of bolt and screw - full threaded, half threaded

▲ Drive inserts of screw - hex socket, square socket, slotted, torx, cross recessed

▲ Stud - threaded, double end threaded

▲ Nut - hex, hex flange, hex thin, square, cap

▲ Washer - plain, flat, spring

Major grades

Commercially pure (Grade 1-Grade 4)

Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5 and 23)

Ti-Pd (Gr7)

Ti-3Al-2.5V (Gr9)

Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni (Gr12)

Please contact us for grades unlisted above

Typical specification

DIN (912, 931, 933, 934, 125, etc.)

ISO (4014, 4017, 4032, 4035, etc.)

ASME (B18.2.1, B18.2.2, B18.2.3, etc)

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