Titanium clad copper is a composite material which has a copper core and titanium layer. This structure allows it can carry high current in corrosive processes. Sometimes it is also referred to as Ti clad Cu, Ti/Cu, Ti clad copper, Ti-clad Cu, Ti-Clad copper, Titanium coated copper, Titanium plated copper.

We produce titanium clad copper products by hot extruding, drawing, or explosive cladding + hot rolling, which can ensure an optimal metallurgical bond between the copper core and the titanium coating, and as a result of gaining a higher compact rate and sheared strength.

Because of the fantastic combination of copper and titanium, titanium clad copper owns both excellent conductivity and strong corrosion resistance. In addition, Ti-Clad-Cu also presents good weld-ability and ductility for further forming and shaping. All those remarkable properties make titanium clad copper products typically used in electrochemistry, chlor-alkaline electrolysis, chromium-plating baths, galvanizing lines, and wherever high corrosion protection and high current-carrying capacities are required.

Our Ti-Clad-Cu specification

▲ Base metal: OFHC (oxygen free high conductivity)

▲ Clad metal: Titanium

▲ Thickness of clad metal: 0.5 mm to 3.2 mm

▲ Specification: ASTM B432

▲ Available shape: round rod, square bar, rectangle bar

Other Titanium clad metal

Besides Ti-Clad-Cu, we also can supply different core metals such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, different clad metals such as Zirconium, Nickel and other metals against customers’ specific demands.

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