Chemical Industry

We have more than 15 years' experience of cooperation with companies in chemical industry, which is one of the biggest industries our materials applied to. We dedicatedly provide them with premium materials and professional service, as well as negotiated suggestions for safety performance and cost optimization.

Thanks to years of cooperation experience and the problems bothering the chemical industry, we have realized and offered all kinds of materials to the chemical industry to meet all the different requirements. We also guarantee the products' purity, precision and resistance to impacts brought by severe environment, such as low and high temperature, high pressure and corrosion.

Our special materials have excellent performance in the environment of low and high temperature, intensive corrosion and high pressure, which are the unique challenges confronting the chemical industry. We also assure the high purity of the finished products.

Due to the new chemical technology, laws and regulations, as well as the increasingly expensive raw material and resource, higher requirement has been posed on the technological parameters. Under many operation circumstances, the increasing temperature and pressure can only be controlled by alloy materials.

We provide high-performance titanium and titanium alloy. We can also assist you to have reasonable control on capital expenditure and operation cost.

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