Sports and Leisure

The titanium material plays an important role in the field of sport and leisure, bringing solid safety guarantee to your relaxing sport.

The titanium had not entered the sports field yet in 1993. However, owing to its high strength and lightness, titanium started to be largely applied to the ball bats in an increased considerable amount of 4,000 tons in 1997. The titanium ball bat can have the batted ball distance of 20-30 yard farther than average or have 15% increased.

Consequently, there were 448 new ball courts added in America in 1998 and the number of players reached 25 million. The selling number of ball bat was only 500 in 1994; it swiftly increased to 190 thousand in 1995; and it burst into 1.72 million in 1997. Titanium can be widely applied to the sport field, such as bicycle, snowboarding, sledding, ice axe, ice crampon and other mountain climbing facilities.

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