What is the main business of Baoji Hongyi Titanium Industry Co.,Ltd?

Our Main business is titanium and titanium alloy mill products,such as titanium and titanium alloy bar,sheets,pipes,wires and pipe fittings

What kind of materials do you used for making your titanium Products?

We usually use titanium Gr1-Gr11 materials,but for some special titanium Grades are also acceptable

Who are most of your customers?

Most of our customers are titanium parts fabricators, titanium equipments fabricators,Chemical

Factories,projects subcontractors

How long have you been in the business?

We have been doing business in China since 2000

Do you accept custom made products?

Yes, we accept customer s specification for mostly corossion resistance pipes and fittings and special

How good are your prices ?

We suggest you inquiry our sales to see how competitive we are. Some items may even cheaper than

your own production cost. We are open for discount negotiation for volume inquires.

How Long does it take to ship over our orders?

We have stock for most of standard sizes of sheets and plates. Usually, we can process your order in 2

working days. For items  that is out of stocks may take 2 weeks for back order. For volume order ,we can

ship directly from China to your warehouse in 6 weeks with discount.

What else can you sell?

As Our sister companies also are engaged in Non-ferrous metal field,we also distribute their Zirconium,

hafnium,,tantalum,niobium,tungsten,Molybdeum in form of sheets,bars,pipes,wires and so on

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